First Step to Deal with Pain

First step to deal with pain. 

Sometimes life is not easy for us, sometimes we have to face with the pain, from our love life, from our personal issues, from our career challenges, etc.

For the first step to deal, we have to accept the truth.

If it happened, that means it happened, just ACCEPT.

Of course we could not turn back time and change.

There is no rewind button in our lives.

But we still have our own self.

Which is the most IMPORTANT!

See what we have, try to fix our heart and mind.

Such as in the love life, if it's over, just accept it's over ALREADY.

And stay with the present. If feeling sad.

Just allow ourselves to feel sad.

Cry if we want.

Because when we allow ourselves to cry and feel sorrow over the lost of our love ones or opportunities.

Then we clean our soul and clear our negative energy.

With love ^^

Mookie Moon Girl